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Item Name
Embroidered Boots
Embroidered Gloves
Ringed Buckler
Reinforced Targe
Large Metal Shield
Kite Shield
Heavy Pavise
Crested Heater Shield
Elixir of Lion's Strength
Minor Mana Potion
Minor Rejuvenation Potion
Elixir of Minor Agility
Elixir of Minor Fortitude
Swiftness Potion
Studded Doublet
Studded Belt
Studded Pants
Skullsplitter Fetish
Studded Boots
Studded Bracers
Studded Gloves
Reinforced Leather Vest
Reinforced Leather Belt
Reinforced Leather Pants
Reinforced Leather Boots
Reinforced Leather Bracers
Reinforced Leather Gloves
Chilled Basilisk Haunch
Broad Axe
Large Club
Two-handed Sword
Large Axe
Wooden Mallet
Walking Stick
Worn Shortbow
Polished Shortbow
Hornwood Recurve Bow
Laminated Recurve Bow
Old Blunderbuss
Ornate Blunderbuss
Solid Blunderbuss
Hunter's Boomstick
Rough Arrow
Sharp Arrow
Light Shot
Heavy Shot
Crescent Axe
War Hammer
Main Gauche
Battle Staff
Great Axe
Morning Star
War Maul
War Staff
Trogg Stone Tooth
Malleable Chain Leggings
Royal Frostmane Girdle
Boar Handler Gloves
Barrel of Barleybrew Scalder
Staff of the Shade
Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility
Recipe: Swiftness Potion
Jitters' Completed Journal
Chok'sul's Head
Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias
Strange Smelling Powder
Elven Spirit Claws
Rod of Molten Fire
Sacrificial Robes
Evocator's Blade
Brown Linen Vest
Linen Boots
Linen Cloak
Viny Wrappings
Red Linen Robe
Red Linen Shirt
White Linen Shirt
Blue Linen Shirt
Barbaric Linen Vest
Green Linen Shirt
Reinforced Linen Cape
Heavy Linen Bandage
Green Woolen Vest
Woolen Boots
Woolen Cape
Gray Woolen Robe
Gamemaster's Robe
Gray Woolen Shirt
Linen Cloth
Forest Spider Webbing
Dirty Trogg Cloth
Wool Cloth
Flask of Port
Flagon of Mead
Jug of Bourbon
Skin of Dwarven Stout
Pattern: Red Linen Robe
Pattern: Gray Woolen Robe
Red Dye
Green Dye
Lurker Venom
Mo'grosh Crystal
Threshadon Ambergris
Disarming Colloid
Disarming Mixture
Crude Flint
Plain Robe
Double-stitched Robes
Robe of Apprenticeship
Chromatic Robe
Shimmering Silk Robes
Burning Robes
Silver Dress Robes
Grelin's Report
Augural Shroud
Cowl of Necromancy
Nimar's Tribal Headdress
Holy Diadem
Thinking Cap
Menethil Statuette
Senir's Report
Intrepid Strongbox Key
Curved Dagger
Jungle Remedy
Venom Fern Extract
Loose Chain Belt
Carved Stone Idol
Ironband's Progress Report
Merrin's Letter
Miners' Gear
Loose Chain Boots
Loose Chain Bracers
Loose Chain Cloak
Loose Chain Gloves
Loose Chain Pants
Loose Chain Vest
Flimsy Chain Belt
Flimsy Chain Boots
Flimsy Chain Bracers
Flimsy Chain Cloak
Flimsy Chain Gloves
Flimsy Chain Pants
Flimsy Chain Vest
Red Leather Bag
Ados Fragment
Modr Fragment
Golm Fragment
Neru Fragment
Ribbly's Quiver
Ribbly's Bandolier
Stormwind Seasoning Herbs
Barrel of Thunder Ale
MacGrann's Dried Meats
Wendigo Mane
Stringy Wolf Meat
Coyote Meat
Crawler Meat
Crawler Claw
Boar Ribs
Mild Spices
Charred Wolf Meat
Spiced Wolf Meat
Roasted Boar Meat
Cooked Crab Claw
Crab Cake
Coyote Steak
Succulent Pork Ribs
Thunder Ale
Dry Pork Ribs
Latched Belt
Outfitter Boots
Hot Spices
Settler's Leggings
Cask of Evershine
Recipe: Goretusk Liver Pie
Recipe: Cooked Crab Claw
Recipe: Redridge Goulash
Recipe: Succulent Pork Ribs
Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob
Lightforge Ingot
Crate of Lightforge Ingots
Ol' Sooty's Head
Small Brass Key
Muddy Note
Holy Shroud
Wine Ticket
Bottle of Pinot Noir
Cloth Request
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 1
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 4
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 6
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 8
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 10
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 11
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 14
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 16
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 18
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 20
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 21
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 24
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 25
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 26
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 27
Tarnished Bastard Sword
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Chapter I
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Chapter II
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Chapter III
Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Chapter IV
Thurman's Sewing Kit
Fisherman Knife
Small Dagger
Hunting Knife
Deft Stiletto
Copper Ore
Tin Ore
Iron Ore
Cracked Shortbow
Rust-covered Blunderbuss
Silver Ore
Gold Ore
Feeble Shortbow
Cheap Blunderbuss
Tear of Tilloa
Light Hunting Bow
Dirty Blunderbuss
Mishandled Recurve Bow
Shoddy Blunderbuss
Musquash Root
Stiff Recurve Bow
Oiled Blunderbuss
Trogg Dagger
Black Claw Stout
An Old History Book
Book: Stresses of Iron
Heart of Mokk
Rethban Ore
Gorilla Fang
Black Velvet Robes
Blade of Hanna
Blazing Emblem
Yeti Fur Cloak
Package for Stormpike
Guillotine Axe
Curve-bladed Ripper
Death Speaker Scepter
Soft Leather Tunic
Stretched Leather Trousers
Cross Dagger
Nifty Stopwatch
Mo'grosh Masher
Mo'grosh Toothpick
Mo'grosh Can Opener
Bow of Searing Arrows
Nissa's Remains
Gregor's Remains
Thurman's Remains
Devlin's Remains
Verna's Westfall Stew Recipe
The Lich's Spellbook
Embalming Ichor
Rough Stone
Coarse Stone
Thurman's Letter
Heavy Stone
A Letter to Yvette
Copper Bar
Bronze Bar
Silver Bar
Dirty Knucklebones
Copper Mace
Copper Axe
Tirisfal Pumpkin
Copper Shortsword
Bronze Mace
Bronze Axe
Bronze Shortsword
Copper Chain Belt
Copper Chain Pants
Copper Bracers
Runed Copper Bracers
Putrid Claw
Iron Pike
Runed Copper Belt
Darkhound Blood
Vile Fin Scale
Rough Sharpening Stone
Coarse Sharpening Stone
Runed Copper Breastplate
Rough Bronze Leggings
Rough Bronze Cuirass
Patterned Bronze Bracers
Silvered Bronze Breastplate
Shining Silver Breastplate
Heavy Sharpening Stone
Vicious Night Web Spider Venom
An Unsent Letter
Scarlet Insignia Ring
Duskbat Pelt
Combatant Claymore
Bearded Boneaxe
Antipodean Rod
Weak Flux
Plans: Runed Copper Breastplate
Plans: Silvered Bronze Shoulders
Plans: Deadly Bronze Poniard
Scarlet Crusade Documents
Crag Boar Rib
Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Recipe: Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Deadly Poison
Deadly Poison II
Rhapsody Malt
Mountaineer Chestpiece
Wendigo Collar
Stone Buckler
Mining Pick
Cloak of the Faith
Daryl's Hunting Bow
Daryl's Hunting Rifle
Goat Fur Cloak
Darkshire Mail Leggings
Dwarven Tree Chopper
Red Wool Bandana
Gold Militia Boots
Keller's Girdle
Claw of the Shadowmancer
Silk Mantle of Gamn
Taran Icebreaker
Gold Lion Shield
Tranquil Ring
Crocolisk Meat
Crocolisk Skin
Head of Bazil Thredd
Dust of Decay
Essence of Pain
Maiden's Anguish
Seal of Wrynn
Ruined Leather Scraps
Crocolisk Tear
Bloody Bear Paw
Prison Shank
Iron Knuckles
Eye of Paleth
Cursed Eye of Paleth
Broken Balanced Throwing Dagger
Broken Small Throwing Knife
Mariner Boots
Icicle Rod
Ring of the Underwood
Watch Master's Cloak
Night Watch Pantaloons
First Mate Hat
Report on the Defias Brotherhood
Journeyman's Vest
Journeyman's Pants
Journeyman's Boots
Journeyman's Gloves
Burnt Leather Vest
Burnt Leather Breeches
Burnt Leather Boots
Burnt Leather Gloves
Warrior's Tunic
Warrior's Pants
Warrior's Boots
Warrior's Gloves
Spellbinder Vest
Spellbinder Pants
Spellbinder Boots
Spellbinder Gloves
Hunting Tunic
Hunting Pants
Hunting Boots
Hunting Gloves
Veteran Armor
Veteran Leggings
Veteran Boots
Veteran Gloves
Seer's Robe
Seer's Pants
Seer's Boots
Seer's Gloves
Inscribed Leather Breastplate
Inscribed Leather Pants
Inscribed Leather Boots
Inscribed Leather Gloves
Burnished Tunic
Burnished Leggings
Burnished Boots
Burnished Gloves
Bolt of Linen Cloth
Bolt of Woolen Cloth
A Simple Compass
Steelgrill's Tools
Brood Mother Carapace
Wendigo Fur Cloak
Fine Sand
Feathered Headdress
Scroll of Agility
Scroll of Protection
Battleworn Axe
Gunther's Spellbook
Sevren's Orders
Hide of Lupos
Noble's Robe
Enduring Cap
Ranger Bow
Bluegill Breeches
Large Bore Blunderbuss
BKP 2700 "Enforcer"
BKP 42 "Ultra"
Reinforced Bow
Heavy Recurve Bow
Razor Arrow
Solid Shot
Laced Pumpkin
Heavy Shortbow
Whipwood Recurve Bow
Short Ash Bow
Hunter's Muzzle Loader
"Mage-Eye" Blunderbuss
BKP "Sparrow" Smallbore
Lambent Scale Boots
Lambent Scale Gloves
Lambent Scale Legguards
Lambent Scale Breastplate
Humbert's Chestpiece
Forest Leather Chestpiece
Forest Leather Pants
Forest Leather Boots
Forest Leather Gloves
Bright Boots
Bright Gloves
Bright Pants
Bright Robe
Ensign Cloak
Striking Hatchet
Smoldering Robe
Smoldering Pants
Smoldering Gloves
Eye of Flame
Smoldering Boots
Naga Heartpiercer
Skorn's Rifle
Candle of Beckoning
Nether Gem
Dargol's Skull
Restabilization Cog
Gyromechanic Gear
Barrel of Shimmer Stout
Cask of Shimmer Stout
Mug of Shimmer Stout
Coldridge Hammer
Broken Keen Throwing Knife
Broken Heavy Throwing Dagger
Tunnel Rat Ear
Broken Crude Throwing Axe
Hildelve's Journal
Broken Weighted Throwing Axe
Broken Sharp Throwing Axe
Broken Deadly Throwing Axe
Siege Brigade Vest
Driving Gloves
Oil-stained Cloak
Thelsamar Axe
Remedy of Arugal
Glutton Shackle
Darksoul Shackle
Burnt Hide Bracers
Ironplate Buckler
Robe of the Keeper
Notched Rib
Blackened Skull
Discolored Worg Heart
Quinn's Potion
Ironheart Chain
Thick Spider Hair
Chipped Bear Tooth
Large Bear Tooth
Broken Boar Tusk
Boar Intestines
Bear Meat
Spider Ichor
Ruined Dragonhide
Small Claw
Tiny Fang
Cracked Dragon Molting
Flecked Raptor Scale
Partially Digested Meat
Spider's Silk
Mangy Claw
Hook Dagger
Acrobatic Staff
Viking Sword
Sacrificial Kris
Coral Claymore
Wood Chopper
Arced War Axe
Short Bastard Sword
Oak Mallet
Black Malice
Barbaric Battle Axe
Edged Bastard Sword
Stonecutter Claymore
Battering Hammer
Battle Slayer
Burnt Leather Bracers
Barbarian War Axe
Forest Leather Bracers
Dense Triangle Mace
Deepwood Bracers
Inscribed Leather Bracers
Cavalier Two-hander
Hunting Bracers
Conk Hammer
Ancient War Sword
Brutal War Axe
Burnished Bracers
Lambent Scale Bracers
Veteran Bracers
Warrior's Bracers
Warm Winter Robe
Foreman Belt
Pyrewood Shackle
Blood Sausage
Frostmane Scepter
Silver-lined Bracers
Bloodstained Knife
Nightbane Staff
Jimmied Handcuffs
Tarantula Silk Sash
Black Wolf Bracers
Cutthroat Pauldrons
Gnoll Hide Sack
Deliah's Ring
Ring of Scorn
Rot Hide Ichor
Sample Ichor
Johaan's Findings
Rough Weightstone
Coarse Weightstone
Heavy Weightstone
Translated Letter from The Embalmer
Bethor's Scroll
Bethor's Potion
Deathstalker Report
Grizzled Bear Heart
Skittering Blood
Berard's Journal
Lake Skulker Moss
Lake Creeper Moss
Hardened Tumor
Scarlet Initiate Robes
Webbed Cloak
Putrid Wooden Hammer
Webbed Pants
Duskbat Wing
Scavenger Paw
Scarlet Armband
Forsaken Shortsword
Forsaken Dagger
Forsaken Maul
Flax Vest
Zombie Skin Leggings
Rugged Mail Vest
Flax Boots
Flax Gloves
Deathguard Buckler
Executor Staff
Battle Chain Boots
Battle Chain Bracers
Battle Chain Gloves
Battle Chain Pants
Battle Chain Tunic
Tribal Boots
Tribal Bracers
Tribal Gloves
Tribal Pants
Tribal Vest
Ancestral Boots
Ancestral Gloves
Ancestral Woollies
Ancestral Tunic
Deadman Cleaver
Deadman Club
Deadman Blade
Deadman Dagger
Fel Moss
Fractured Canine
Rabbit's Foot
Sharp Canine
Brackwater Boots
Brackwater Bracers
Brackwater Gauntlets
Brackwater Leggings
Brackwater Vest
Barbaric Cloth Boots
Barbaric Cloth Gloves
Barbaric Loincloth
Barbaric Cloth Vest
Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards
Ceremonial Leather Bracers
Ceremonial Leather Harness
Ceremonial Leather Gloves
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
A Talking Head
Alaric's Remains
Short Sabre
Gray Fur Booties
Wispy Cloak
Ghostly Bracers
Ghostly Mantle
Vile Fin Battle Axe
Vile Fin Oracle Staff
Spider Web Robe
Spiked Wooden Plank
Dargol's Hauberk
Melrache's Cape
Perrine's Boots
Farmer's Shovel
Farmer's Broom
Flesh Piercer
Dragonmaw War Banner
Dwarven Tinder
Incendicite Ore
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
Captain Sander's Shirt
Captain Sander's Booty Bag
Captain Sander's Sash
Silk Wizard Hat
Bundle of Crocolisk Skins
Giant Crocolisk Skin
Sida's Bag
Ooze-covered Bag
Rune-inscribed Pendant
Dalaran Pendant
Wild Steelbloom
Khadgar's Whisker
Stitches' Femur
Frayed Belt
Frayed Bracers
Grave Moss
Patchwork Belt
Empty Vial
Leaded Vial
Patchwork Bracers
Calico Belt
Calico Bracers
Canvas Belt
Canvas Bracers
Brocade Belt
Brocade Bracers
Cross-stitched Belt
Cross-stitched Bracers
Weak Troll's Blood Potion
Elixir of Wisdom
Minor Magic Resistance Potion
Lesser Mana Potion
Elixir of Poison Resistance
Limited Invulnerability Potion
Strong Troll's Blood Potion
Elixir of Defense
Elixir of Lesser Agility
Elixir of Ogre's Strength
Ringed Helm
Recipe: Minor Magic Resistance Potion
Recipe: Elixir of Poison Resistance
Recipe: Limited Invulnerability Potion
Recipe: Elixir of Lesser Agility
Young Crocolisk Skin
Vulture Talon
Lucine Longsword
Rough Crocolisk Scale
Soft Patch of Fur
Ivory Boar Tusk
Buzzard Wing
Raven Claw Talisman
Black Feather Quill
Sapphire of Sky
Rune of Nesting
Nightsaber Fang
Strigid Owl Feather
Webwood Spider Silk
Crested Scepter
Staff of the Friar
Martyr's Chain
Onyx Claymore
Fel Cone
Red Rose
Black Rose
Simple Wildflowers
Beautiful Wildflowers
Bouquet of White Roses
Bouquet of Black Roses
Woven Wand
Bold Yellow Shirt
Stylish Black Shirt
Common Gray Shirt
Guardsman Belt
Sniper Rifle
Bone-studded Leather
Slumber Sand
Zombie Skin Bracers
Clasped Belt
Zombie Skin Boots
Apprentice Sash
Ceremonial Tomahawk
Tiller's Vest
Ceremonial Knife
Darkwood Staff
Cryptwalker Boots
Senggin Root
Mystic Shawl
Faerleia's Shield
Nightglow Concoction
Ceranium Rod
Quilted Bracers
Reconnaissance Boots
Deathstalker Shortsword
Dog Whistle
Stamped Trousers
Rugged Mail Gloves
Johaan's Special Drink
High Robe of the Adjudicator
Broken Silver Star
Feathered Arrow
Exploding Shot
Strong Flux
Dull Iron Key
Renferrel's Findings
Copper Chain Boots
Rough Grinding Stone
Copper Chain Vest
Runed Copper Gauntlets
Runed Copper Pants
Gemmed Copper Gauntlets
Cloak of Flames
Gray Bear Tongue
Creeper Ichor
Coarse Grinding Stone
Rough Bronze Shoulders
Silvered Bronze Shoulders
Silvered Bronze Boots
Silvered Bronze Gauntlets
Green Iron Boots
Green Iron Gauntlets
Heavy Grinding Stone
Heavy Copper Broadsword
Copper Battle Axe
Thick War Axe
Deadly Bronze Poniard
Heavy Bronze Mace
Mighty Iron Hammer
Raptor's End
Elixir of Suffering
Mountain Lion Blood
Elixir of Pain
Taretha's Necklace
Burnished Gold Key
Mudsnout Blossoms
Alterac Signet Ring
Mudsnout Composite
Mudsnout Mixture
Daggerspine Scale
Torn Fin Eye
Cloak of the People's Militia
Mor'Ladim's Skull
Ataeric's Staff
Keg of Shindigger Stout
Decrypted Letter
Tainted Keg
Cleverly Encrypted Letter
Wool Bandage
Heavy Wool Bandage
Targ's Head
Muckrake's Head
Glommus's Head
Mug'thol's Head
Crown of Will
Robe of Solomon
Dread Mage Hat
Fen Keeper Robe
Night Watch Gauntlets
Mantle of Honor
Resilient Poncho
Belt of Vindication
Seafarer's Pantaloons
Shipment of Iron
Beerstained Gloves
Raptorbane Armor
Dwarven Fishing Pole
Vicar's Robe
Bonegrinding Pestle
Trogg Beater
Daryl's Shortsword
Hunting Quiver
Hunting Ammo Sack
Iron Bar
Tin Bar
Gold Bar
Harvester's Pants
Serrated Knife
Acidproof Cloak
Weathered Belt
Camouflaged Tunic
Embroidered Belt
Embroidered Bracers
Heavy Weave Belt
Heavy Weave Bracers
Padded Belt
Padded Bracers
Russet Belt
Russet Bracers
Tattered Cloth Belt
Tattered Cloth Bracers
Thick Cloth Belt
Thick Cloth Bracers
Thin Cloth Belt
Thin Cloth Bracers
Syndicate Missive
Knitted Belt
Knitted Bracers
Bandolier of the Night Watch
Quiver of the Night Watch
Woven Belt
Woven Bracers
Plans: Mighty Iron Hammer
Plans: Copper Chain Vest
Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets
Plans: Green Iron Boots
Plans: Green Iron Gauntlets
Valdred's Hands
Yowler's Paw
Kurzen's Head
Mind's Eye
Pendant of Shadow
Gobbler's Head
Snellig's Snuffbox
Ivar's Head
Essence of Nightlash
Thule's Head
Nek'rosh's Head
Head of Baron Vardus
Fang of Vagash
Hand of Dextren Ward
Mistmantle Family Ring
Head of Targorr
Bellygrub's Tusk
Fangore's Paw
Head of Gath'Ilzogg
Head of Grimson
Maggot Eye's Paw
Scale of Old Murk-Eye
Head of VanCleef
Sarltooth's Talon
Ear of Balgaras
Head of Deepfury
Journeyman's Bracers
Ancestral Bracers
Spellbinder Bracers
Barbaric Cloth Bracers
Seer's Cuffs
Bright Bracers
Tribal Buckler
Battle Shield
Veteran Shield
Hunting Buckler
Ceremonial Buckler
Brackwater Shield
Burnished Shield
Lambent Scale Shield
Hillsbrad Town Registry
Recovered Tome
Worn Leather Book
Tomes of Alterac
Handcrafted Staff
Crocolisk Steak
Murloc Fin Soup
Crocolisk Gumbo
Curiously Tasty Omelet
Gooey Spider Cake
Tender Crocolisk Meat
Assassin's Contract
Gelatinous Goo
Large Slimy Bone
Lifeless Skull
Head of Nagaz
Broken Arrow
Decomposed Boot
Slimy Ichor
Recipe: Crocolisk Steak
Recipe: Blood Sausage
Recipe: Murloc Fin Soup
Recipe: Crocolisk Gumbo
Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet
Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake
Perenolde Tiara
Raptor Egg
Bloodstone Oval
Bloodstone Marble
Bloodstone Shard
Bloodstone Wedge
Hillsbrad Human Skull
Humbert's Sword
Darthalia's Sealed Commendation
Bear Gall Bladder
Southshore Stout
Rusted Iron Key
Ensorcelled Parchment
Helcular's Rod
Rod of Helcular
Belamoore's Research Journal
Turtle Meat
Soothing Spices
Worn Stone Token
Bracers of Earth Binding
Murloc Head
Sack of Murloc Heads
Foreboding Plans
Hillman's Cloak
Yeti Fur
Farren's Report
Familiar Hide
Familiar Fang
Familiar Claw
Familiar Horn
Big Bear Steak
Hot Lion Chops
Tasty Lion Steak
Soothing Turtle Bisque
Big Bear Meat
Lion Meat
Hooded Cowl
Orcish War Chain
Recipe: Big Bear Steak
Recipe: Hot Lion Chops
Recipe: Tasty Lion Steak
Recipe: Soothing Turtle Bisque
Skull Ring
Decapitating Sword
Stomping Boots
Bow of Plunder
Sentry Buckler
Rune of Opening
Meditative Sash
Feline Mantle
High Apothecary Cloak
Ribbed Breastplate
Mercenary Leggings
Grunt Vest
Shepherd's Girdle
Shepherd's Gloves
Fish Gutter
Crusader Belt
Insulated Sage Gloves
Band of the Undercity
Deadskull Shield
Lunar Buckler
Mantis Boots
Brigand's Pauldrons
Gryphon Feather Quill
Fine Parchment
Broken Wand
Mutton Chop
Wild Hog Shank
Conjured Spring Water
Crippling Poison
Crippling Poison II
Lethargy Root
Taut Compound Bow
Hefty War Axe
Long-barreled Musket
Broad Claymore
Large War Club